Get involved with the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup!

Since summer finally hit, Vancouverites have been spending a lot of time at the beach.  From Kitsilano, to English Bay, to Ambleside, the beaches have been packed from sun up to sun down.  Unfortunately, with all the people comes a lot of garbage.

The solution?

Enjoy the last bit of nice summer weather while volunteering for the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup.  Find a yet to be claimed beach and register as a site coordinator or, if your favourite beach already has a site coordinator, sign up as a cleanup participant.

The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup has been coordinated by the Vancouver Aquarium since 1994.  It has slowly grown from a city wide to a nationwide program.

Last year across Canada, 2,235 km of beach were cleaned.  The volunteers managed to pick up an astonishing 98,071 kg of garbage!   The garbage items most commonly cleaned up include: food wrappers, plastic bags, beverage containers, lids and cans.  Unfortunately however, there are also litter items from ocean activities such as stray fishing lines or even dumped household items.

Garbage on our beaches is not only un-aesthetically pleasing, it also comes with a lot of unnecessary risks.   The impacts of stray garbage left behind vary from endangering animals, to damaging our ecosystems, and even putting human health at risk.  Keeping our beaches clean is an important priority for us all.

The cleanup dates vary from September 17th through till the 25th, depending on location.  Check out the website to find the time and date of the cleanup for your favourite beach, or even register to become a site coordinator.

If you enjoyed one of Vancouver’s gorgeous beaches this year, the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup is a perfect opportunity to ensure you will enjoy them again next year.  Helping donate your time to clean is a great way to volunteer that benefits all beach goers, for many summers to come!

By Rya Kobewka