Getting Crazy to Be More Sustainable!

A few days ago on September 29th, you may have noticed some strange and unique modes of transportation on your way to work or school in Vancouver.  In previous years, there have also been individuals who cart wheeled, canoed and even rode tiny bikes during their morning commute.

All of these interesting transportation choices were to celebrate the 2nd annual Crazy Sustainable Commute.  The campaign created by Vancouverite Steve Unger works to creatively inspire individuals to rethink their daily modes of transportation.

Unger created the Crazy Sustainable Commute after switching from miserably sitting in his car in traffic every morning to happily walking to work.  He started to rethink the status quo about daily commuting and how each and every one of us could cut down on our environmental impact, while enjoying our daily routines more.

You may not travel in a crazy way everyday, but the campaign helps raise awareness of the importance of reducing our fossil fuel dependence and finding more sustainable ways to get to campus or the office. As a student, I utilize my bus pass and take public transportation Monday-Friday and whenever else possible.

If using your bus pass isn’t always an option, the Crazy Sustainable Commute mentions a few ideas on how to reduce your eco footprint:

If you didn’t happen to glimpse anyone on September 29th commuting by pogo stick, unicycle or hovercraft, there’s always next year! In the meantime, it’s a fun campaign that reminds us all to rethink how we could improve our daily commute (and decrease our fossil fuel consumption).

By Rya Kobewka