Nominate a Friend: SFU’s first annual Community Awards for Engaged Citizenship

awards image

If you know a student at SFU or group of students within the SFU community that deserves praise for outstanding volunteer work or that deserves recognition for civic engagement you can nominate them for the SFU 2009 Community Award for Engaged Citizenship. All nominees will receive a certificate at the awards ceremony; the deadline for nominations is Friday, September 18th at 12 pm, so check the nomination eligibility and criteria here and get those nominations in quick. You can even nominate yourself if you meet the criteria and you want to take part!

When you attend the awards ceremony you will have the opportunity to listen to four panelists that have been picked for their volunteer or civic engagement expertise and ask them questions about their experiences. Certificates will then be given out and information will be given about each of the recipients, you will then get the chance to meet and network with any recipients you feel share your interests.
The schedule for the event is listed below, register on Symplicity to attend!

1:50pm – Doors Open
2:00pm – Greetings and Icebreaker
2:15pm – Introductions and icebreaker
2:30pm – Panelists 1 and 2 with Q&A
2:50pm – Awards certificate distribution and cause sharing
3:10pm – Panelists 2 and 3 with Q&A
3:30pm – Closing comments, door prize, and cause networking instructions
3:40pm – Cause networking – meet people that share your passions and interest

By Laura Thornborough