Halloween Safety Precautions

Halloween Safety PrecautionsThe excitement of Halloween activities are good fun, until headlines of tragic candy-poisoning or blades found in chocolates fill the news the next morning. To avoid such disappointing occurrences –and to ensure maximum enjoyment of the evening — below are some safety precautions to remind yourself before taking your younger siblings trick-or-treating.

1)  Do not eat candies with wrappers that have been opened or with holes.

2)  Do not eat candies with discoloration (even if the wrapper is intact) — this could be a sign of poisoning or spoiling.

3)  Handle glowsticks with care — ensure that the contents don’t spill to avoid skin irritation.

4)  It’ll be dark at night, so make sure you watch for cars (wearing reflective clothing helps).

5)  If you are going to consume alcohol that night, make sure you find a safe way home. Do not drink and drive. Any activity that puts lives in jeopardy must be completely avoided.

With these precautions in mind, you’re free to have a fun and safe Halloween!

By Celine Diaz