Municipal Election around the Corner

Vote: It Matters

Unless you have been living under a rock, it would be hard not to notice we are once again in election season. Whether you open a newspaper and see sound bites from hopeful campaigners, or jump on transit and roll pass numerous lawn signs, it is clear the municipal election is upon us.

On November 19, British Columbia votes in the municipal election. Voting in your municipal election is really important because it’s your local government, and their choices will affect you. Doing your homework before voting is a must!

If this is your first trip to the polls make sure you’re eligible and registered to vote in the correct municipality. Find out if you’re on the voters list and where to go on November 19. Plan ahead so you don’t miss out on your first opportunity to vote, and if you have any questions there are numerous online resources in various languages.

Be sure to spend some time looking over the candidates in your area to make an informed decision; many candidates have websites or online information which state their platforms. If you have some extra time, even make the effort to attend an all-candidates meeting in your area. This can be really helpful in giving you a better impression of those running for office.

Regardless of how involved you choose to be, voting is important so don’t brush off your opportunity to make a change. Every vote counts regardless of if the election is federal, provincial or municipal.

See you at the polls November 19!

By: Rya Kobewka