Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Carbon FootprintNow that there are officially seven billion people on the planet, our individual actions have never before been so important. The earth is getting smaller and we have fewer resources to share between us all. Finding out your carbon footprint very quickly puts into perspective how much we over consume in North America.

Calculating your carbon footprint can be a bit of a shock. However, it also is a good reality check into just how much carbon dioxide we are emitting and how we can reduce these high numbers.

A carbon footprint is the measure or amount of greenhouse gasses caused by an individual, organization or event. Carbon footprints are measured by factors including where you live, how you commute and travel, and your general consumption practices.

So how do we reduce our carbon footprints? There are many helpful website online offering tips ranging from small chances to big changes. One of the most comprehensive is on the David Suzuki Foundation website, which has a great list offering suggestions on how to green your life.

Some of the best small tips which can made a big impact include:

These are only a few ideas to help reduce your carbon footprint. Overconsumption can be a hard habit to break, but it’s a necessary one. Calculate what you’re emitting and spend some time figuring out where you can make changes that benefit us all.

By Rya Kobewka