Tips and Tricks

It’s the one day different services and opportunities at SFU will lend themselves to answering your questions! The one day you’ll be able to come and ENGAGE with student leaders at SFU! And it’s the one day you’ll be able to do all of that in one central place!

Wanna know a tip? Come out to Tips and Tricks, an event happening Wednesday, Jan 25th 2012 in the Saywell Hall Atrium (near Renaissance in the AQ). The one-day event aims to promote different services and opportunities that students can get involved with at SFU. Student leaders from services such as LEAD SFU, SFU Recreation, or Orientation, will be in attendance to talk about their involvement with the many opportunities SFU has to offer, as well as answer any questions you might have about them! There will also be pizza as well as the chance to win $25 to the SFU Bookstore!

If you’re unable to stop by, or are curious as to which service or opportunities are available that day, follow this link below! You’ll also be able to check out the profiles to the leaders available that day (including the one thing they wished they knew in first year!)

Hope to see you there!

By Trini Nguyen-Don