Passport to Leadership: A Step Closer to Understanding Yourself

Reach for starsDo you want to be involved at SFU? Do you want to prepare for you future? Whether it is at school or work, leadership is one of the most valued skills these days. As a result, SFU Student Services is offering Passport to Leadership, a series of workshops that are geared towards developing areas such as personal values and goal setting, interpersonal communication, diversity awareness and effective presentation.

Students can expect to gain a lot of insight about leadership because the workshops are carefully designed by the staff at SFU who coordinates leader programs. “We brainstormed skills and aspirations that we are looking for when we recruit student leaders into our programs, and chose ones we all believed to be crucial,” said Trina Isakson, one of the organizers of Passport to Leadership.

Unlike other workshops, Passport to Leadership focuses more on the participants, the students themselves. “We believe leadership is not about being in a position of power,” explained Trina. “Instead, leadership is about understanding yourself – your values, the way you communicate, your awareness of others, the way you present yourself – and how that impacts your interactions with others.”

To register, please log in to Symplicity and follow the instructions. Registration for Passport to Leadership has already started for September and October dates, so hurry!

November dates and registration will be available on October 22nd.

Still have questions? Please contact Trina Isakson at for more information.

By Hannah Choo