What’s YOUR cause? Help others, new friends, work-related experience

What’s YOUR cause?
What’s the reason why you want to or started to volunteer?
Read what your peers have to say and take 30 seconds to share your cause too!

“I want to have the opportunity to develop my skills and make many new friends. I also want to improve my English and settle with my new life in Canada because I am an international student.” – Thu Anh Le

“I like helping others as it makes me happy. It is also a good opportunity for me to improve myself and learn more new things.” – Mengyue Li

“I want to get a chance to practice my skills and gain some working experience. I don’t have any previous work-related experience and so I really hope that I can do some volunteer work, especially work that relates to my career field.” – Jingni Xiong

“Through volunteerism, we can share and pass on our interests and passions. When I help others, not only will they feel happy and loved but I will also gain work-related experience.” – Cathy Yuan