Share Your Vision for Canadian Foreign Policy with Canada’s World

Canadas_World_logoInterested in Canadian international policy but don’t know where to start? Now is your chance to get involved and shape Canada’s role in the world!

Canada’s World is a three-year initiative aimed to engage Canadians in one big conversation about what our role and foreign policy should look like. Last year, Canada’s World toured the country and engaged citizens in dialogues on important and pressing global issues. Now, Canada’s World is back and wants to discuss this new vision with you!

Canada’s World will also be holding a conference called “Foreign Policy Camp” on November 30, 2009. This is a great opportunity where you can engage with well-known lawmakers, politicians, civil servants and other citizens to discuss your thoughts and ideas about current foreign policy challenges Canada faces. For more information about this conference, view the conference poster below and visit

Canada’s World is also working on a short video showcasing the positive impact Canadians are making in international work settings. If you would like to be featured in this video, visit to find out how.

Foreign Policy Camp