World AIDS Day Events 2009

AIDS_DayDecember 1st marks the annual World AIDS Day, and SFU’s AIDS Awareness Network (AAN) has some exciting events lined up to mark this occasion.

HIV/AIDS continues to be an important issue of our time. Around the world, an estimated 33 million are living with HIV. In fact, here in BC, 11,000 people are living with HIV. HIV/AIDS continues to have an impact on people, families and communities around the world.

And although medications have improved the health of many, issues such as severe side effects, drug resistance, extreme local and global access inequities, and social stigma still affect HIV patients today. Events such as the World Day Event address misconceptions about HIV and AIDS; they also raise awareness on issues such as prevention and harm reduction, stigma, and global drug availability.

By organizing engaging events around the campus, AAN hopes to provide an opportunity for students to demonstrate their commitment and concern with this cause while enhancing student understanding of these key issues. Most importantly, though, the World AIDS day makes important connections that will benefit students past SFU into their careers and lives.

Some of the events lined up include information booths set up in the Maggie Benston Centre from 11 AM to 4 PM, a “Making Safe Sex Sexy” workshop, and an evening concert fundraiser in SFU’s Burnaby’s Highland pub. For more information about these events, visit the event’s website. You can also contact Ashley Shaw, President of the AIDS Awareness Network: or (604)805-1288.

If you can’t attend these events, you can still get involved with this cause by becoming part of the AAN. The AAN organizes activities throughout the year including the AIDS Walk for Life in September, fundraisers, a volunteer program & community partnerships, and an annual keynote speaker series.

To Join the AIDS Awareness Network, send an email to

– By Kelvin Claveria