SFU Blogs moving to a new server

SFU Blogs will be moved to a new server on Sunday, April 29 at approximately 6:30 AM. We’re piggybacking on some scheduled maintenance in the Burnaby data centre that would have already resulted in an outage of all SFU online services, including SFU Blogs, so there won’t be any additional downtime.

For a period of a few hours after the server switch, you may receive a “service outage” page when attempting to view a SFU Blogs site (see the page here). If you see this page, it simply means that your Internet Service Provider’s DNS servers have not updated their records to point blogs.sfu.ca at the new server’s address. Simply try again later; most ISPs should catch the change very quickly.

If you encounter any issues with your site after Sunday, please email blogs@sfu.ca for assistance.