Retirement of SFU Blogs

SFU Blogs was created in 2008 to provide an easy-to-use publishing platform for SFU departments, groups, courses and individuals. At the time, SFU had no official web content management system, and the learning management system of the day, WebCT, did not have tools suited to the purpose.

Six years later, those gaps have been filled. CQ, SFU’s officially-supported web content management system, provides authors with an easy-to-use publishing platform and a support structure backed by dedicated staff in IT Services and authors in dozens of campus units. Canvas, our new state-of-the-art learning management system, has seen widespread adoption (most students have at least one course per-term in Canvas) and has good support for discussions, the most common course-blog use-case.

While we have moved forward with our CMS and LMS options, SFU Blogs has lagged behind. It currently runs a very outdated version of WordPress, and does not feature the new, mobile-friendly look and feel sported by most major SFU websites. Remedying those shortcomings would require a major undertaking by IT Services, and resources are not available to do so. Given this, and with the availability of better-supported tools, SFU Blogs is being retired.


We have identified the following alternatives for groups using SFU Blogs:

Alternatives also include for hosted WordPress sites (not affiliated with SFU), and home-directory based web-space.


Exporting your Content

You can export your site’s content in a WordPress-compatible format by logging into your site’s admin panel and selecting Tools > Export. This only exports the text-content of your site. If you wish to have a copy of your images and other media uploaded to your site, please contact and include the URL of your site in your message.

Redirecting your URL to your new site

If you wish to have your URL redirect to a new site, please email with both the URL of your SFU Blogs site and your new site. Please note that we can not provide redirects to externally-hosted (e.g. websites.

How can I get a list of my blogs?

Log into with your SFU Computing ID and password to see a list of your active blogs.

Archiving/Deleting Old Sites

If you have a site on SFU Blogs that you are not using, it would help a great deal if you requested that it be archived and removed from the SFU Blogs server. You can request this by emailing with the URL of your site.