Creating a New Calendar

Outlook for PC

Instructions for how to create a new calendar in the Outlook 2016 for PC desktop application can be found below.

Creating a New Calendar

1. To create a new calendar, right-click your default calendar (the one named Calendar - your username) and click New Calendar.

2. A window will open asking you to name your new calendar. It will also display where this new calendar will be located within your account. Type a name into the Name: box, and click OK when you are finished.

3. You will now see the calendar within your list of calendars and you will be able to select it and book meetings into it.

Deleting a Calendar

1. Right-click the calendar that you wish to delete and click Delete Calendar.

2. A window will appear confirming whether or not you do want to delete the calendar. If you are sure, click Yes. Your calendar will then be deleted and removed from the calendar list.