Modifying Appointments

Outlook for Mac

Click below for instructions on how to make changes to meetings, including cancelling a meeting, in the Outlook 2016 for Mac desktop application.

Modifying an Appointment

1. To modify an existing appointment, double-click the appointment in your calendar to open the composing window. 

2. This will then open up a composing window similar to the one you see when you create a new appointment/meeting. Here you can modify any details of the meeting that you wish to change, such as the date/time, location, or body of the meeting. Once you are finished modifying the meeting, click Send Update button on the left hand side of the composition window.

Cancelling an Appointment

1. To cancel a meeting, open up the meeting details by double-clicking the meeting from your main calendar view using the same steps as above. This will open up your meeting details in a composing window. To cancel the meeting, click Cancel in the top ribbon.

2. Click the Send Cancellation button to finish cancelling your meeting. This will send a cancellation message to all attendees.