Liesl Jurock’s writing educates, supports and inspires her readers, and colleagues say she brings the same talents to her work with students.


Co-op ‘matchmaker’ breaks into print

March 29, 2012

Last year turned out to be game changer for Liesl Jurock, co-op coordinator for the School of Communication.

After years of writing in personal journals and then blogging, Jurock finally broke into print in 2011 with published book chapters, all of them about motherhood, in four different anthologies.

The most recent, published in November 2011, is “Flying Solo” in Chicken Soup for the Soul: O Canada!

Realizing her creative dreams has earned her the 2011 Staff Achievement Award for artistic achievement.

Jurock’s nominators say her writing educates, supports and inspires her readers. And they say Jurock brings this same triad of talents to her work with students.

“In her one-on-one work with students seeking co-op placements, countless students have been fortunate to have her counsel, emboldened with the knowledge that they have been heard, that their concerns matter and that their efforts are meaningful,” says one nominator.

Jurock likens her job to that of a matchmaker—she finds employers, then matches them with students, and vice versa.

“It’s an amazing role because I get to work with students on something that’s pretty personal—their careers,” she says.

“I love that my job combines my student development background as well as my marketing background to work with employers and students.”

She writes about her work in a regular online column for Women’s Post Online, covering topics such as graduate school realities, using social media for the job hunt and the value of volunteering.

Becoming a published author in print was a lifetime obsession, admits Jurock, who is now working on a book that explores what motherhood has taught her, with the realization that it is her son, Lucas, who is the teacher, not her.

The book is so personal, she says, that she may never publish it. That demon has been laid to rest.

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