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New book about Quebec

November 08, 2012

Being from Quebec, you might think history professor Jack Little would know a thing or two about his home province’s past and present, and you’d be right. Little is publishing a book, co-authored by Concordia’s Peter Gossage, called An Illustrated History of Quebec.

The book begins with the province’s formation—all the way back to the continental ice sheet retreating from the land below it—and continues up to modern times.

Detailed chapters on modern Quebec evaluate the political turmoil of recent years, from constitutional to sovereignty discussions and the debate about cultural accommodation.

Rather than focusing on the usual Quebecois historical debates—French vs. English, Catholicism vs. Protestantism, nationalism vs. federalism—Gossage and Little instead focused on the struggle between tradition and modernity.

Their book posits that Quebec’s journey from a past steeped in old world traditions to a modern, consumer society has been anything but straightforward. They say the push and pull between time-honoured traditions and the progression to the present are a large part of what makes its story so unique.

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