SFU now accreditation candidate

March 15, 2012

The Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU) has accepted Simon Fraser University as a candidate for accreditation with the commission, continuing a process that began with SFU’s initial application in January 2009.

The full accreditation process, which is based on a series of SFU self-assessments and NWCCU member peer reviews, will take five to seven years to complete.

“Accreditation provides an independent assessment of the university’s ability to meet a set of standards that are regarded widely as best practices,” says VP Academic Jon Driver. “It’s also an important component of our accountability to students and the general public.”

Driver adds, “I will be hosting a series of open meetings on the next academic plan over the next month; an opportunity for people to ask about the role that accreditation plays in academic planning.”

The NWCCU decision is the result of an extensive SFU self-study involving many faculty and staff, a three-day NWCCU site visit to SFU last October, and a presentation to the NWCCU’s board by Driver and President Andrew Petter in January.

SFU must now file annual reports with the commission and submit further self-evaluation reports in fall 2012, fall 2014 and fall 2016. SFU may apply for initial accreditation at any time within the next five years, after consultation with the NWCCU president.

Once accredited, member institutions begin a regular seven-year cycle of annual reports and two visits from the NWCCU.

The university is funding the accreditation initiative from its Fraser International College revenues.

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