Peter Dickinson


Performance Matters: President’s Faculty Lecture

March 21, 2014

Whether we acknowledge it or not, performance is a daily activity that we all practice in everything from our daily habits of dress to our professional or social demeanor.

SFU English professor Peter Dickinson will address the aesthetics and consequences of performance—ranging from that of daily life to the larger-than life performances of politicians and actors—during Performance Matters, part of the SFU President’s Faculty Lecture Series.

Dickinson will also explore the importance and implications of setting and audience in performance, and what art and culture can teach us about our everyday actions.

“If we conceive of performance as a form of doing, then I want people to think about what they’re doing,” says Dickinson. “In the same way that an actor prepares to go onstage, there should be more preparation for our personal, professional and political performances, whether you’re a teacher in the classroom or an MP in Parliament.”

Dickinson is the author of World Stages, Local Audiences: Essays on Performance, Place and Politics, which examines the geographic and historic affiliations between different performance sites and the social bonds created within audiences.

Joining SFU in 2002, Dickinson has served as both the undergraduate chair and graduate chair of the Department of English. He is currently the president of the Board of the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival and recently collaborated with SFU’s School for the Contemporary Arts on a multi-disciplinary dance-theatre piece.

The SFU President’s Lecture Series showcases SFU faculty and their work while fostering SFU’s commitment to community-engaged research and outreach.

The free public lecture is on Thursday, Mar. 27 at 7p.m. at the Segal Graduate School of Business, 500 Granville St. Registration is required.

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