SFU People in the News - December 10, 2014

December 10, 2014

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Faculties & Departments

Immigration policies need review for climate migrants
Asian Pacific Post - December 09, 2014
Citing natural disasters in the Philippines, Africa and South Asia, a new study co-authored by Simon Fraser University researchers recommends that the federal government create a new immigration class of “climate migrants” to help address the mounting global human displacement associated with climate change.

CIA torture report impact
Global News BC1 - December 09, 2014
American embassies are on alert around the world because of potential fallout from a much anticipated report on the CIA’s use of torture on Al-Qaida detainees. SFU security expert Josh Labove talked about the report and its potential impact.

Will new federal legislation make cross-border prices fair?
Global News - December 09, 2014
Critics wonder if the proposed legislation would be the most effective way to help Canadian consumers. SFU marketing professor Lindsay Meredith thinks he has a simpler solution.

Also in the News

The world's tiniest Bible: Incredible nano-chip contains the entire New Testament on just one fingernail-sized face
Daily Mail Online - December 10, 2014
In a story about the world's smallest Bible, a book written and published at SFU was mentioned. Teeny Ted from Turnip Town, currently holds the record the world's smallest book.

Is Vancouver Ripe for a new luxury car service?
Business In Vancouver - December 09, 2014
...reliable hired car service. A recent study by Benn Proctor, an SFU public policy expert, found that Vancouver taxi fares are 15 per cent higher...


Record win for Clan on Terry Fox night
Burnaby Now - December 09, 2014
...retired uniform No. 4 to the West Gym rafters. Fox was a student athlete at SFU in the mid-1970s and played junior varsity basketball for the...

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