SFU summer program targets teen dancers/musicians

April 25, 2014

The School for the Contemporary Arts (SCA) is rolling out a summer intensive program to give budding artists a hands-on experience in dance and music creation.

The one-week program, a first of its kind in Canada, will lead students through a creative exploration of composition and choreography. Young musicians and dancers will work collaboratively in a studio, examining the relationship between music and dance through practical workshops and group discussions.

Led by choreographer Claire French and composer James Maxwell, both professional Vancouver-based artists and SFU alumni, the program targets senior high school students, especially those interested in pursuing fine arts.

“The program, much like the School for the Contemporary Arts, is unique in its interdisciplinary focus,” says SCA director Elspeth Pratt.

“In the ‘real world’ professional artists work together and collaborate. The intensive will help students prepare for a career in the arts and make connections with some well-known professionals from the Vancouver arts scene,” she adds.

The intensive will culminate in dance and music performances, which students will share with their peers on the program’s final day.

Pratt hopes to expand the program next year to include other disciplines, such as film, theatre and visual art.

 Registration is now open for the 24 placements in the summer intensive, which runs July 28-August 1, 2014.

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