SFU in the News

December 02, 2015

Below is your daily copy of Media Matters. 
Provided by University Communications, Media Matters is a snapshot of Simon Fraser University in the news as of Wednesday, December 2, 2015.

SFU in the News

BC university grads get “good jobs,” says RUCBC study
Academica Group - December 02, 2015
SFU President Andrew Petter comments on the impact a university education has on graduates who enter the job market. This story also appeared in Vancity Buzz.

Pete McMartin: Is your sex life the answer to climate change?
Vancouver Sun - December 01, 2015
A study by an SFU environment grad student found that there is an increase in environmentally friendly materials used to make sex products.

Call for arms and stings: Social wasps use alarm pheromones to coordinate their attacks
Science Codex - December 02, 2015
A study led by SFU biology professor Sean McCann found that social wasps use alarm pheromones to coordinate their attacks.

B.C. Bound Syrian Refugees to Boost Local Economy by $563 Million: Report
Money - December 02, 2015
A study by Eric Adebayo and Ricardo Meilman Lomaz Cohn, PhD students in the Department of Economics of Simon Fraser University found that Syrian refugees that will arrive in BC will boost our local economy by $563 million.

Petrol trail
The Kathmandu Post - December 01, 2015
SFU anthropology PhD student Bicram Rijal comments on petroleum products in Nepal.

Sharing our blessings
Focus Online - December 01, 2015
A study by SFU found that the combined costs of emergency and other services in health, policing, sheltering and all the fallouts associated with addictions and mental illness average 55,000 public dollars per homeless person annually in B.C.

Is B.C. a ‘desirable economic destination’ for Syrian refugees?
Vancouver Courier - December 01, 2015
SFU political geography PhD candidate Josh Labove comments on the impact refugees have on our economy.

SFU Experts in the News

Toronto company's lead-based products a danger to world health, critics say
CBC Toronto - December 01, 2015
SFU public health expert Bruce Lanphear comments on the health concerns surrounding lead-based paint.

Major green company Siemens sponsoring Vancouver mayor’s climate travel poses potential conflict: Experts
The Province - December 01, 2015
SFU political science professor Patrick Smith comments on climate change.

Five Numbers You Need to Know to Understand Canada’s Role at the COP21 Paris Climate Talks
DeSmog Canada - December 02, 2015
SFU energy economist professor Mark Jaccard comments on Canada’s role at the COP21 Paris climate talks. This story also appeared in the Business News Network.

Embracing decarbonization
Focus Online - December 01, 2015
SFU energy economist professor Mark Jaccard comments on climate change.