SFU in the News

December 21, 2015

Below is your daily copy of Media Matters. 
Provided by University Communications, Media Matters is a snapshot of Simon Fraser University in the news as of Monday, December 21, 2015.

SFU in the News

Are plus-size models making women more obese?
The Globe and Mail - December 20, 2015
A study led by SFU business professor Brent McFerran found that exposure to images of female “plus-sized” models can impact the obesity rate amongst women.

A Vancouver café where conversation is part of the meal
Vancouver Sun - December 20, 2015
SFU beedie professor Lisa Papania creates a zero waste vegetarian café.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving: How Perspective Better Informs Gift Giving And Receiving
Medical Daily - December 20, 2015
A study co-authored by SFU psychology professor Lara Aknin found that giving a gift that reflects your own interests may promote “closeness” in your relationship.

Meet the Three Percent: How Women Succeed in Trades
The Tyee - December 21, 2015
SFU kinesiology alumni Rebecca Dunn comments on the success of women in trades.

SFU Experts in the News

Video: SFU professor responds to anti-Trump Tower backlash
Vancouver Sun - December 18, 2015
SFU Beedie professor Ed Bukszar comments on the anti-Trump Tower backlash.

Victoria police chief temporarily steps aside
Vancouver Sun - December 18, 2015
SFU criminology professor Rob Gordon comments on the issues related to inappropriate messages sent by Victoria police Chief Frank Elsner on social media.

A Pair Of Mickey Mouse Ears Helped Earn This Man Three Years In Jail
BuzzFeed - December 19, 2015
SFU communication professor Adel Iskandar comments on memes used to critique politics.

Fake Christmas trees could be bad for your health
Good Housekeeping - December 21, 2015
SFU health sciences professor Bruce Lanphear discusses the issues related to the chemicals used to produce fake Christmas trees and their impact on consumer health.

Milk matters!
The Daily Star - December 19, 2015
SFU public policy professor John Richards comments on the benefits of milk consumption.