SFU education professor Susan O'Neill believes the arts hold rich opportunities for expression, communication and intergenerational relationship building.


Fifty years of research and innovation at SFU: better living through artistry

November 03, 2016

Inspired by her grandfather, SFU education professor Susan O’Neill is dedicated to helping people experience how music and the arts can help them build connections and enrich their lives.

She's the director of MODAL (Multimodal/Music Opportunities, Diversity and Learning) research group. The group aims to advance understanding of artistic learning and the multiple pathways to engage youth in, and through, the arts. 

For example, one of her current research projects is developing a theory of transformative music engagement (TME). TME explores what young musicians need to initiate and remain purposefully engaged in learning music. It also seeks to provide educators with new approaches and more expansive learning opportunities that deepen and enhance young people’s music engagement, empowerment and wellbeing.