Graduand Mariela Moen worked hard to inspire more school spirit on campus.


Kinesiology major finds campus engagement key to success

October 03, 2017

By Diane Mar-Nicolle

Mariela Moen arrived at SFU in the fall of 2012 with only a vague idea of what she wanted to study.

"First year was rough,” she concedes. “I only made a few friends and I was close to being on academic probation by the end of my second term.”

She spent the next term trying out courses in psychology, biology and health sciences before a kinesiology course finally struck a chord with her.

“A lot of my family are in the medical field and I liked that kinesiology was more career-oriented,” she says.

Eager to settle into her new major, Moen joined Kinesiology Games, an annual student-led conference hosted by various universities across Canada. The event hosts competitions in spirit, academics and sports.

It was a life-changing experience.

The fun and supportive atmosphere of the Kinesiology Games in Montreal helped her realize what she had been missing in her first semesters, and she returned home eager to become more engaged in campus life, and to inspire more school spirit and fun at SFU.

She joined the Science Undergrad Society and was quickly voted vice-president. She and her team then worked to bring the inspiration of the Kin Games to SFU’s largest undergrad event, Frosh, with a view to creating a sense of pride and excitement for SFU.

The 2016 event sold out, and provided a successful platform for enlarging this year’s Frosh.

Moen, who convocates on Oct. 6 with a bachelor of science, is already working as a resident kinesiologist at a local gym, and volunteering at a cardiac rehabilitation clinic.

Her advice for new students: “Be fearless, keep an open mind to new opportunities, and participate in the SFU community. I believe that if students have a positive social life on campus, it will positively impact their academic performance.”