Ted Wilson, MEd, is the new coordinator for the Interim Aboriginal University Preparation Program (IAUPP).


Ted Wilson, MEd, is the new coordinator for the Interim Aboriginal University Preparation Program

December 04, 2017

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) is pleased to announce that Ted Wilson, MEd, has been hired as the new coordinator for the Interim Aboriginal University Preparation Program (IAUPP).

The IAUPP provides the opportunity for academic programming for students previously served by the recently cancelled Aboriginal University Transition Program.

Home to the First Nations Studies Department, First Nations Language Proficiency undergraduate and graduate credentials, and provider of many other courses with Indigenous content, FASS is a strong ally for indigenizing university content in response to the calls of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. FASS is committed to ensure the IAUPP will open pathways for Indigenous students to all SFU disciplines.

Wilson comes to the IAUPP with a varied background in community relations and a wealth of knowledge in First Nations cultures. A respected Elder in his community (Tsimshian with strong connections to the Heiltsuk and Squamish nations), Wilson is a prolific carver and painter. He has a Bachelor of Education (UBC, 1976) and a Master of Education in Curriculum Studies (UBC, 2012). In addition, he has an Administrative Management Diploma (1986) and a Dispute Resolution Management Certificate (1992).

Wilson comes to SFU after having worked for the past four years at the Native Education College, first in the Aboriginal Adult Basic Education Program and then as Student Advisor. He previously taught at Capilano University and has worked closely with Aboriginal Friendship Centres across the province and the country, notably in the All Native Basketball Tournament, now the largest in North America. He is actively involved in the All Nations Basketball Tournament hosted by SFU and NEC annually.

Wilson is a strong believer that youth are active participants in a progressive society: “I am a proponent of higher education upon taking, ‘Kwamax’ala’, my father’s advice, to get my education because he saw the fishing industry declining during the 1960s. I set out to tackle this issue professionally and then gain higher positions in education to help youth understand my interest in their future success”.

The first cohort of Indigenous students will start in the IAUPP in January 2018 for a two-term program; a second cohort is currently planned for September 2018. Wilson will remain as coordinator with the program until May 2019. He may be contacted atiaupp@sfu.ca or by phone at 778-782-4089.

For more information about the IAUPP: www.sfu.ca/iaupp

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