Prithvi Sriram is one of 10 SFU-Mitacs interns at SFU this month working on research and experiencing some of beautiful B.C.


SFU-Mitacs partnership welcomes first cohort of India interns

July 09, 2018

Prithvi Sriram will remember many things beyond his studies at SFU as one of the inaugural class of Mitacs Globalink Research interns this summer.

Bungee-jumping at Whistler and his yet to be completed 25 treks up Burnaby’s ‘Cardiac Hill’ (13 thus far) will be among highlights. Being woken up by “deafening” silence instead of street noise, and noting how “exceptionally polite” the world is here, will be others.

Experiencing bungee-jumping at Whistler.

Sriram is one of 10 interns from India who are spending 12 weeks at SFU working on their research in the faculties of Science and Applied Sciences. With a focus on theoretical machine learning, Sriram is working under computing science professor Leonid Chindelevitch. 

The opportunity is the result of a partnership between the university and Mitacs, created earlier this year, to launch a student research initiative with the Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT).

Taking in the sights during a break from their research.

The program will be funded for three years and delivered annually. “On behalf of the university, we welcome this first cohort of interns, who have done an impressive job of settling into their studies here," says Joy Johnson, Vice-President of Research and International at Simon Fraser University. 

"It's exciting to see the synergies that they have already developed. The initiative is advancing our research connections with India and the IITs, providing meaningful cross-cultural and experiential learning opportunities for both SFU and IIT students."

Enjoying the view from atop Whistler.

SFU-IIT intern Vedant Choudhary says beyond advancing his scientific studies, the program is also teaching him some life lessons.

“The most important lesson I will take from my experience here is the culture to make the most out of your time. No doubt people work tirelessly during the week but they make it a point to live life on weekends in the laps of nature, which by the way is awesome here.

“In terms of academics, I really loved the flexibility and freedom you get. You can learn whatever interests you at your own pace. My professor is really cooperative and always ready to help me out. Plus, you get to decide what you want to do after, for which you are given a really good roadmap on what comes next.”

Read more about the interns' experiences in Manas Bhargava's blog:

The students will continue with their studies at SFU until the end of July.