SFU President Andrew Petter addressing the Surrey Board of Trade on how SFU's Surrey Strategy is a boon for B.C.


Surrey expansion: addressing B.C.’s talent deficit with homegrown talent

November 22, 2018

B.C.’s talent deficit is holding back its economic development while Surrey’s shortage of educational capacity is preventing a growing young population from reaching its potential – both are issues that are being addressed with a single solution  — SFU’s expansion in Surrey. SFU President Andrew Petter presented that message to a Surrey Board of Trade audience on Nov. 21.

"It’s become increasingly apparent that access to talent is the key factor determining the vitality and growth of the B.C. economy … and that a shortage of educated workers is the main obstacle to us achieving our full potential," he said.

Petter outlined how SFU is well-equipped to deliver that solution through its Surrey Strategy, starting with SFU’s new building in Surrey, set to open in 2019. It will house the new Sustainable Energy Engineering program, creating 320 new undergraduate seats and 120 graduate spaces.

Meanwhile proposed programs in health innovation and creative technologies will add further opportunities, all with the view to ensuring “Surrey’s young and growing population is able to flourish.”

“Looking at the example of the Sustainable Energy Engineering program – and the increased demand for all Surrey programs since we opened our campus in 2002 – it is clear that we have an opportunity to educate many more talented individuals at home – especially, right here, south of the Fraser,” he said. 

For more see President’s Petter’s full speech: http://www.sfu.ca/pres/petterspeeches/2018/sfu_s-surrey-strategy-a-boon-for-british-columbia.html

His Vancouver Sun Op Ed: https://vancouversun.com/opinion/op-ed/andrew-petter-investing-in-homegrown-talent-will-benefit-british-columbia

SFU President Andrew Petter in conversation with Surrey Board of Trade CEO Anita Huberman following his presentation.