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Hidden Pasts, Digital Futures: Circa 1948

Sept 18 - October 16, 2015
Presented by SFU's 50th anniversary, co-presented by SFU Woodward's and Turning Point Ensemble

On the occasion of SFU’s 50th Anniversary, SFU Woodward’s Cultural Programs, in collaboration with the Vancouver International Film Festival and the National Film Board of Canada, invite you to experience the World Premiere of Hidden Pasts, Digital Futures: A Festival of Immersive Arts, featuring the digital creations of Jeffrey Shaw, Sarah Kenderdine, Robert Lepage, the NFB Digital Studio and Stan Douglas.

This remarkable collection of culturally dynamic exhibits has been curated to showcase the best in comparative interactive technologies. Step into three dimensional worlds and be transported to heritage sites a world away. Tour guides will speak to the technology, art, and narrative of each exhibit. This collected experience that will allow you to imagine how immersive technologies might be used in our future. 

Hidden Pasts, Digital Futures: A Festival of Immersive Arts is offered as three site-specific tours. Circa 1948, created by the NFB Digital Studio and Stan Douglas, is situated in the Woodward’s Atrium. Two additional tours Place-Hampi + and Pure Land+, are offered on alternating days at SFU's Goldcorp Centre. Admission to all tours are free. 

Circa 1948 is a groundbreaking and immersive interactive storyworld co-created by the National Film Board of Canada's award-winning Digital Studio in Vancouver and internationally acclaimed artist Stan Douglas. This expansive artistic universe has been developed in two primary interactive formats: a 3D art app for iPad and iPhone, and a projection-mapped installation.

Circa 1948 is a bold extension of Stan Douglas's historically based recombinant storytelling into the interactive world. The experimental nature of Circa 1948 is an attempt to evolve a new visual and narrative language, with the project making use of emerging technologies to offer multiple entry points into an imagined world, created using photorealistic 3D illustrations based on Douglas's extensive historical research. Circa 1948 takes audiences on a nonlinear journey of discovery through two vibrant communities struggling in a time of unforgiving change: an old hotel in Vancouver's affluent West Side, squatted by homeless war veterans, or the muddy streets of the ethnically diverse Hogan's Alley in the working-class East Side, populated by racial minorities, gamblers, prostitutes and corrupt police officers. 

Still from Pure Land +

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Pure Land+ and Place-Hampi+ are guided tours offered at SFU's Goldcorp Centre for the Arts, which is accessible from the Woodward's Courtyard or 149 West Hastings Street. Each tour is 45 minutes in length and must be booked separately.

Sponsored by Axis Theatre Company, Westbank, and the Georgia Straight


SOLD OUT! All pre-registrations for Circa 1948 are now reserved. A standby line will be available during operation hours, in the event that reservations are not claimed.

Admission is free. Tours are approximately 10 minutes in length.


When: September 18 – October 16. Tuesday – Friday 1-7 pm (last tour at 6 pm), Saturday – Sunday 1-5 pm (last tour at 4 pm).

Where: Westbank Woodward's Atrium at Abbott and Cordova Street 

Two other tours companion tours are available at SFU's Goldcorp Centre for the Arts, 149 W. Hastings Street: Hidden Pasts, Digital Futures: A Festival of Immersive Arts is offered as three separate tours to the public. Place-Hampi + and Pure Land+ are offered on alternating days as each tour features different artwork that projects onto the same technological systems. Each tour is 45 minutes in length.

Circa 1948 is situated in the Woodward’s Atrium, which is a 10 minute walk away from the other exhibits. Circa 1948 runs daily (Tuesday-Sunday), and is approximately 10 minutes in length.

All tours must be booked in advance. When booking tours at both locations, please ensure that your booking times are staggered, in order to have adequate time to see each exhibit and travel between venues (15 minutes for Circa 1948, 45 minutes for Place-Hampi+ and Pure Land+). 

To contact our box office services, call 778-782-9286 . Our box office is open 2:00-6:00 pm, each Wednesday - Saturday.

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