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Goldcorp Centre for the Arts, 149 West Hastings Street


November 18 - November 25, 2017




FREE events. No registration required. 


When: Saturdays, Nov 18 & 25, 2017
1:00 - 4:00 PM

Where: Goldcorp Centre for the Arts, 149 W. Hastings St. 

Wells Hill free auxiliary discourse on the lives, works, and sweeping theories of Glenn Gould and Marshall McLuhan. Curated by Richard Cavell, UBC professor whose research focuses on media theory and Canadian Studies, finding common ground in his publications on foundational media theorist Marshall McLuhan.

Discourse on Glenn Gould: Saturday, November 18, 1-4 PM
Hosted by Owen Underhill, composer, conductor, artistic director, and SFU SCA faculty member

Discourse on Marshall McLuhan: 
Saturday, November 25, 1-4 PM
Hosted by Richard Cavell, Professor of English, co-founder of the Bachelor of Media Studies Program at the University of British Columbia and author of Remediating McLuhan.

The discourse is part of a series of auxiliary events for Action at a Distance: Wells Hill, co-presented by SFU Woodward's Cultural Program, DanceHouse and SFU School for the Contemporary Arts.

Additional Info: Due to popularity causing tickets to sell out too quickly, CM Van uses a waitlist as a registration system (please register only once) from which they randomly award tickets using a lottery system. Anyone can attend. 

If you cannot use your ticket, please inform Creative Mornings ASAP so they can allocate the ticket to individuals on waitlist. Remaining applicants will remain on the waitlist and be informed if a ticket becomes available. Anyone who hasn’t checked in by 8:45am on morning of the event forfeits their tickets. For more information see the Creative Mornings Vancouver website.

Discourse on Glenn Gloud
Saturday, November 18, 1-4 PM 

The presentation will explore connections between the musical evolution of Glenn Gould (1932 – 1982) in relation to his two famous ‘early’ (1955) and ‘late’ (1982) recordings of the Goldberg Variations, his genius as a performer in the weaving of counterpoint (simultaneous lines of music) in contemporary music and baroque music, and his use of recording technologies and collage in his trilogy of “contrapuntal radio” documentaries entitled The Solitude Trilogy.  The presentation will include audio examples of his performance, radio documentaries and excerpts from the CBC/PBS film entitled The Idea of North.  Insights and anecdotes derived from CBC producers who interacted with Glenn Gould in Toronto during his final decade will be included, as well as commentary on Gould’s recording and editing practice following his break with live performance.

About the presenter:
Owen Underhill is a composer and conductor, and faculty member in the School for the Contemporary Arts at Simon Fraser University.  He is the Artistic Director of the Turning Point Ensemble, a large chamber ensemble dedicated to innovative programming and links between music of the twentieth century to the present day.  He looks forward to sharing his long-term interest in Glenn Gould from the point of view of a composer.

Discourse on Marshall Mcluhan
Saturday, November 25, 1-4 PM

Marshall McLuhan (1911-1980) was one of the most innovative thinkers of the 20th century. It is to McLuhan that we owe the concept that “the medium is the message,” which opened up the field of media studies and drew our attention to what would become the all-consuming focus of the 21st century—the century of Facebook, Google, Amazon, Pinterest, SnapChat, Twitter, and so on.

The one constant in McLuhan’s understanding of media was that electronic media are returning us to a condition that has much in common with oral cultures, leaving behind the certainties of print. He called this condition “acoustic space,” and as such it provided a powerful point of entry for McLuhan’s engagement with that other Toronto genius, Glenn Gould (1932-1982). Not only a brilliant pianist, noted for his recordings of keyboard music ranging from the baroque works of Bach to the atonal compositions of Schoenberg, Gould was also a prolific writer on musical topics, as well as a creator of sound documentaries which he conceived of as musical compositions. Although notoriously reclusive, Gould often visited McLuhan at his Wells Hill Road home in Toronto, and they collaborated on at least one essay about the future of music. The presentation will address the interconnected worlds of McLuhan and Gould through a screening of McLuhan’s 1968 film, Picnic in Space, and of the trailer for Wells Hill.

About the presenter:
Richard Cavell teaches at the University of British Columbia, where he co-founded the Media Studies program. He has published extensively on the work of McLuhan, and has written about the Gould/McLuhan nexus in McLuhan in Space (2002) and in GlennGould Magazine. The curator of the website, he is currently completing the critical performance work Speechsong: the Gould/Schoenberg Dialogues.


FREE events. No registration required. 


When: Saturdays, Nov 18 & 25, 2017
1:00-4:00 PM

Where: SFU Goldcorp Centre for the Arts, 149 W. Hastings St. 

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