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SFU launches rapid screening on all three campuses

October 07, 2021

SFU has partnered with the Travel Medicine and Vaccination Centre to offer free, rapid screening on all three campuses starting Wednesday, September 29. It is expected that anyone who is not vaccinated or chooses not to disclose their vaccination status participates in SFU’s Rapid Screening program once a week.

Rapid screening is one of the important layers in place to protect the community this fall. SFU’s screening program has been informed through collaboration with public health, universities across B.C. and SFU’s Rapid Screening Pilot held last summer.

About rapid screening

Rapid screening is only offered to those who are not experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 and is designed to identify COVID-19 infection in those without symptoms who don’t know they are infected.


Only those who receive an invitation by email from are eligible to participate. Invites will be sent to those who haven’t submitted a Vaccine Declaration or have declared they are not fully vaccinated or have chosen not to disclose their status. If you are fully vaccinated, and don’t wish to receive future reminders, please update your status on the Vaccine Declaration website.

Find a vaccination clinic near you

There is a greater chance of getting COVID-19 and transmitting it to others if you have not been fully vaccinated. Getting vaccinated, if you can, is the single most important thing we can all do to keep ourselves and our community safe. Visit a clinic near you.


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