VA Certificate

Graduate Certificate Program in Visual Analytics

Visual Analytics is the science of analytical reasoning facilitated by interactive visual interfaces. The graduate certificate in Visual Analytics provides an interdisciplinary program of study at the Masters level that integrates three key aspects of Visual Analytics: 

  • Designing, implementing, and evaluating technologies for visualization and computational information processing.
  • Understanding the impact of interactive visual information systems on human cognition.
  • Promoting the effective use of interactive visual information systems in in dealing with complex and data-rich problems in organizations and society

The visual analytics certificate program places an emphasis on the integration of these three perspectives in the context of real-world problems. VA certificate students work on both developing new technologies and on their use to improve decision-making and operational effectiveness in application areas that include health care, business and finance, aerospace, public policy, criminology, environmental management, and scientific research. In these and many other areas decision-makers face similar concerns:

  • To evaluate, analyze, and understand patterns of information from masses of both archival and real-time data in a timely and effective manner.
  • To manage increasingly complex and inter-related systems in business, engineering, government, science, health, and the environment.
  • To create, evaluate, and implement innovative solutions to familiar and emerging problems.
  • To operationalize their decisions within complex organizations and an increasingly interconnected world with a diversity of cultures, sectors, and relationships.

The visual analytics graduate certificate provides Masters students from programs across SFU with the knowledge, tools, and methods that will enable them to effectively apply visual analytics to their research area.

For more information on the Graduate Certificate in Visual Analytics, including admission requirements, please see the SFU Calendar entry here or contact Brian Fisher, VA Certificate Director.