January 11th, 2012



Jim Andrews will provide a retrospective showcasing several of his online interactive literary works such as “Arteroids” (2003), a shoot-em-up poetry game which allows you to save poetry from yourself and “Nio” (2001), a lettristically animated work of interactive audio. Andrews will then mention some of his more recent generative and visual artworks. For example, Andrews will demonstrate “dbCinema” (2005-present), a graphic synthesizer and langu(im)age processor written in Adobe Director, and look at some work produced with dbCinema such as “The Club” (2011), the in-cinemation of selected business men, politicians, and psychopaths. Finally, we'll look at Andrews' most recent piece: “Aleph Null” (2011), the first serious work in JavaScript that uses the HTML 5 canvas tag for generative art. Andrews will also provide an overview of vispo.com as a site containing his own work and also some important work by other Net Artists.


JIM ANDREWS - Practicing since 1996, Andrews has firmly established himself in New Media Art circles over the years as an iconic poet, programmer, colorist, audio artist, and thinker. He is historically recognized by many Interactive Art critics as one of the first “Net Artists”. As a Net Artist, Andrews developed pioneering web-based works about language and media and viewed his webpage as more than a mere repository for documented work. His homepage Vispo.com and the net work on it is his “art”.

Jim Andrews' Website




The Club

Aleph Null

Some Background Information...

"Overview of Jim Andrews' Net Artworks"

Jim Andrews


SIAT Graduate Research Colloquium

Wednesday January 11th

2:30 pm

Surrey 5380