Graduate Program

Hellenic Studies offers the opportunity for graduate study through the Department of History.  Students who apply for graduate work with Hellenic Studies faculty must fulfil the History Department's graduate entrance requirements. Those accepted will follow the History Department's MA and PhD course schedule as applicable.

At the graduate level students will be studying with professors Doxiadis, Gerolymatos, and Krallis  work under their supervision in the fields of: 18th to 20th century Greek history and the history of the Byzantine empire.

Professor André Gerolymatos will supervise students interested in social, political, and military history of the Modern Greek state, while also looking for students with a fascination in ideas of security in modern politics.

Professor Dimitris Krallis will happily supervise students interested in Byzantine social, political, economic and intellectual history, while maintaining an interest in work that deals with the reception of Byzantium.

Professor Evdoxis Doxiadis will supervise students interested in modern Greek social history, gender, minorities, Mediterranean and Balkan history.

Naturally graduate students will be expected to work with other faculty members of the History Department as they acquire the requisite breadth and place their interest in Hellenism in global contexts.

Current Students

James Horncastle, PhD in History, working title: The Pawn that would be King: Slavo-Macedonians in the Greek Civil War, 1946-1949

Aleksandar Jovanović, PhD in History, working title: Court Culture in the Empire of Nikaia

Huangyi Jiang, MA in History, working title: Constructing Ethnicity: Greek Immigration to the United States and Canada

Past Students

Christopher Dickert, MA in History, Byzantium, Political Agency, and the City: A Case Study in Urban Autonomy During the Norman Conquest of Southern Italy, Summer 2014.

Sarah Inglis, MA in History, Danza de la Muerte: Greek Arms Dealing in the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939, Summer 2014.

Julian Brooks, PhD in History, Managing Macedonia: British Statecraft, Intervention, and ‘Proto-peacekeeping’ in Ottoman Macedonia, 1902-1905, Fall 2013.

Mariela Wibert Johansen, M.A under Special Arrangements of Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Belief, Fear and Manipulation: The Intersection of Religion and the Athenian Legal System in the Second Half of the 5th Century BCE, Fall 2009.

Jeffrey Akomah, M.A in International Studies, Ravana’s Lucid Madness: The Functional Use of Religious Identity for the Production of Ethnic Riots, Summer 2009.

Simeon Paravantes, MA in History, The Art of Manipulation; British Foreign Policy in Greece and the Declaration of the Truman Doctrine: October 1944-March 1947, Spring 2009.

Michelle Sample, M.A. in International Studies, Canada's Anti-Terrorism Act: creating a paradigm of insecurity?, Summer 2008.

Martina Duskova, M.A. in International Studies, In Africa, AIDS has a woman's face: implications for socio-economic development of sub-Saharan region, Summer 2008.

Kelly Hammond, MA in History, The Shanghai mixed court 1863-1180 Colonial Institution Building and the creation of legal knowledge as a process of interaction and mediation between the Chinese and the British, Fall 2007.

Adela Muchova, MA under Special Arrangements of Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, The Experience of Exile Through The Eyes Of Czech Writers, Fall 2006.

Pagona-Niki Efstathopoulou, MA in Department of Linguistics, The Influence of Second Language Learning on Speech Production by Greek/English Bilinguals, Fall 2006.

Julian Allan Brooks,  MA in History, Shoot the Teacher!” Education and the Roots of the Macedonian Struggle, Fall 2005.

Alexander Petrovich, MA in History, The Role of Banditry in the Creation of National States in the Central Balkans During the 19th Century  A Case Study: Serbia, Fall 2003.

Nicole Cena, MA in History, Quest for the Holy Grail: The Macedonia Question as a Protagonist in the Tito-Cominform Split, 1943-1949, Fall 2003.

Maria Rousou, MA in History,  Britain’s Balcony in the Middle East: Cyprus’ Role in British Defence Strategy, 1945-57, Fall 2001.

Wendy Wong, MA in History,  Taking the Lead: British Foreign Policy, the Greek December Uprising and Yalta, 1943-1945, Fall 2001.

Jim McNaulty, MA in History, The Liquidation of the O.S.S.  and the American Intelligence debate, 1941-1947, Fall 2001.

Sebastian Hubert Lukasik, MA in History, A War Within a War: The Influence of Balkan Irredentism on British Strategy in South-Eastern Europe, 1914-1918, Summer 2000.

Alumni News

Our teaching philosophy is to train graduate students in Hellenic Studies, while at the same time arranging their education to make them competitive across a variety of academic and non-academic career paths. Here are some career paths that our alumni have followed:

Julian Brooks (PhD ,13) is a contract faculty in the department of history at Douglas College.

Alexander Petrovic (PhD '11) is a research grants and awards writer at the Peter A. Allard School of Law at the University of British Columbia.

Nicole Read (MA '03) is now the Mayor of Maple Ridge, a city of c.75,000 people east of Vancouver.