Certificate in Hellenic Studies

The Hellenic Studies Certificate at Simon Fraser University offers the student two avenues of study, one for those interested in acquiring a general knowledge, and another for those with an interest in graduate studies in history. In order to benefit from the interdisciplinary approach to this program, both types of student will complete a core of courses including history (ancient and modern) aspects of literature, political science and studies in antiquity.

The intention of the certificate is to provide the student with a basic understanding of the Hellenic world from ancient times to the present. Students will be exposed to several disciplines affording them the opportunity to establish an intellectual appreciation of both ancient and modern Hellenism.

Program Admission Requirements

  • Prospective students must apply to Simon Fraser University for admission and meet the normal admission requirements prior to undertaking a certificate program.
  • Students must maintain a minimum grade point average of 2.0 calculated on all courses applied to the certificate that are taken at Simon Fraser University. Duplicate courses are counted only once.

Please note

  • Credits applied to one certificate may be applied also to major or minor programs of a bachelor's degree under the normal regulations governing those programs but may not be applied to another Simon Fraser University certificate or diploma.
  • Some of the courses have prerequisites not included in the certificate requirements. Students are responsible for satisfying the prerequisites of all courses in their programs. Prerequisite information can be found in the University calendar in the course descriptions section.
  • There are program advisors in each department or faculty for the certificate programs. Students intending to pursue a certificate should consult with the program advisor.

Program Requirements

The certificate, which requires 24 units, is for those with Hellenic Studies interest and also for those with an interest in graduate Greek history. The latter should complete two language courses. Special topics courses may be completed in place of those below with advisor approval. Note that HS 100: The Greek World is being added to the formal requirements for this Certificate. Interested students should speak to the HS advisor for assistance.

Lower Division Requirements

Students complete three courses (nine units) chosen from the following.

  • HUM 102W - Classical Mythology (3)
  • HUM 152 - Ancient Greek II (3)
  • HUM 201 - Great Texts: Ancient World to Renaissance (3)
  • HS 276 - Social, Economic, and Political History of the Mediterranean (3) *
  • HS 277 - History of Greek Civilization (3) *
  • HS 278 - The Greeks in the Ottoman Empire (3) *
  • HS 279 - Greece in the 20th Century (3) *
  • HS 280 - War in the Balkans and the Making of the 21st Century (3) **
  • GRK 110 - Modern Greek for Beginners I (3)
  • GRK 160 - Modern Greek for Beginners II (3)

A student who successfully completes all four language courses (HUM 151, 152, LANG 110, 160) needs only three from the upper division list.

* These courses are also available with a HIST designation. Either HS or HIST designation can be used towards the certificate.
** This course is also available with an IS designation. Either HS or IS designation can be used towards the certificate.

Upper Division Requirements

Upper division prerequisite completion is the student’s responsibility because completion of lower division requirements does not complete the prerequisites for upper division courses in this multidisciplinary program.

Students complete four courses (15-16 units) chosen from the following.

  • HIST 304 - Alexander the Great and the Quest for World Empire (4)
  • HS 307 - Selected Topics in Hellenic Studies (4) *
  • HS 359 - Constructing the Nation State in Greece, the Balkans, and the Mediterranean (4) *
  • HS 364 - Traveller, Diplomatic, and Media Narratives in Greece, the Balkans and the Mediterranean (4) *
  • HS 422 - Greece, 1935-1944: Occupation and Resistance (4) *
  • HS 437 - Fighting for God: Religion, Conflict and the State from Antiquity to the Crusades (4) *
  • HS 441 - Women, Property, and the Law in the Mediterranean (4) *
  • HS 460 - Themes in Byzantine History (4) *
  • HUM 302W - The Golden Age of Greece: An Integrated Society (4)
  • PHIL 350 - Ancient Philosophy (3)

* These courses are also available with a HIST designation. Either HS or HIST designation can be used towards the certificate.