Field School students take three courses, worth ten SFU credits, taught by the field school director and SFU Hellenic Studies professor Dimitris Krallis and Julian Brooks, facuty in the Department of History at Douglas College. All courses are transferable to Douglas College.


HS 216-3: War and Society

An examination of some of the key themes in the history of war and society

HS 277-3: History of Greek Civlization (B-HUM)

An online survey of Greek civilization, Mycaenean Greece to the twentieth century

HS 307-4: Selected Topics in Hellenic Studies

The study of issues related to Hellenic Studies not offered in regular courses


Field School Director
Dimitris Krallis

Dimitris Krallis was born in Athens, Greece and studied at the University Athens, the University of Oxford, and the Univeristy of Michigan. He joined the Department of History and Hellenic Studies Program at SFU in the fall of 2006 as a Byzantine Historian. 

Dr. Krallis led the Hellenic Studies Greece field school from 2006 to 2009 successfully guiding groups of up to 29 students to Athens and Molyvos, where he maintains robust networks of local connections. He also maintains an avid interest in modern Greek history and politics and is intrigued by questions pertaining to the reception of the Greek past by contemporary societies. 

Julian Brooks

Julian Brooks holds a PhD in History and has almost twenty years of teaching experience at the secondary and post-secondary level. As an undergraduate, he worked as a peer tutor and as a counsellor in summer camps in Canada and the United Kingdom. Dr. Brooks began his teaching career with a three-year stint as an English teacher in the Republic of Macedonia, during which he immersed himself in the South Balkan region and Greece. 

Julian’s enduring interest in Greece, the Balkans, and the Middle East led him to pursue graduate studies in history at Simon Fraser University. Julian is now an instructor in the Department of History at Douglas College, where he teaches World and Middle Eastern History. 

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