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What is the 1821 Digital Archive?

December 12, 2017

In anticipation of the 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution, a consortium of Greek and international academic partners and collaborators have joined together to create a comprehensive, online research repository of the Greek revolution. The 1821 Digital Archive is an ambitious project which aims to explore research tools for historical research in a digital environment, focusing on the 1821 Greek Revolution. It is being coordinated by the Research Center for the Humanities ( based in Athens, Greece.

The research team has designed a digital platform, which will accommodate a uniform taxonomy of different kinds of material (text, image, sound). Material is being documented in both Greek and English, to enable researchers from around the world to use this new repository.

The project team is also collaborating with the Benaki Museum in Athens, to produce a series of digital exhibits, to complement the bicentenary exhibition of the Greek Revolution in March 2021. Part of the exhibition will travel to other European cities, to provide stimulus for discussing the Greek Revolution within a European/global framework.

The project is being funded partly by Public Benefit Foundations in Greece, and partly through the contributions of individuals through the National Bank of Greece act4greece crowdfunding platform.

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