Between Two Fires: Announcing a Symposium on Espionage in Neutral Countries, 1939-1962

November 06, 2017

In 1935, Nobel Laureate Cecil Day Lewis in one of his famous poems, The Conflict, captured the feeling of helplessness that had taken Western Europe when he wrote “[…] only ghosts can live between two fires.” While Lewis was speaking about people caught in conflict, the same could equally be applied to neutral states caught between the opposing blocs during the Second World War and early Cold War. It was here that the ghosts, in this case intelligence organizations and their agents, competed for power and influence as the flames of war overshadowed their efforts.

The Stavros Niarchos Foundation Centre for Hellenic Studies will host an international symposium of ten scholars on 6 November 2017 entitled “Between Two Fires: Neutral Countries as Clandestine Battlegrounds, 1939-1962” at Simon Fraser University’s campus in downtown Vancouver. The symposium will follow three interconnected thematic avenues of enquiry, starting with the beginning of the Second World War and concluding with developments in the early Cold War. 

Symposium Details


Conference Opens at 10:00 am


2270 Sauder Industries Policy Rm.
SFU Harbour Centre
555 W. Hastings St., Vancouver