SNF New Media Lab

Between 2004 and 2011 the Stavros Niarchos Foundation awarded Simon Fraser University a series of successive grants for the development of cutting edge software for content delivery in the fields of language and culture. With this funding the Hellenic Studies development team at Simon Fraser University created a unique and effective online course-offering technology currently in use here at SFU and at a number of other institutions in North American and China.

In a 21st century educational scene increasingly exploring online, remote-learning methods as a means for the effective engagement of students – both directly enrolled and non-traditional – with the expertise and learning potential of the university, Simon Fraser University has been a pioneer in cross-cultural and transnational applications of e-learning technologies.

The experience built over seven years of content-development and delivery has allowed Simon Fraser University to become a hub for the teaching of Greek language and culture to diasporic communities around the world, North American Universities, and to the emerging academic market of China. In fact our experience in North America and China has aptly demonstrated the value of online knowledge delivery vehicles in both times of crisis and in periods of rapid economic growth. We have therefore noticed that in the North American context, communities affected by the economic crisis and the concomitant budget cuts, have been enabled by our program to continue properly serving their members at a time when funding for live-instructors is increasingly scarce. On the other hand, in China’s booming academic scene, the increased demand for scarce educational resources has created a niche for e-learning systems that enable local universities to satisfy increased demand even as they prepare for further expansion of their physical infrastructure.

Ready Labs Inc.

Ready Labs Inc. is a Simon Fraser University spinout company accelerating next generation mobile and web innovation for educational, cultural and commercial market applications. Ready Labs Inc is a partner of the SNF New Media Lab, a world-class new media initiative of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Centre for Hellenic Studies at Simon Fraser University.

Current Projects

The SNF New Media is currently working on the following projects: