Hari Sharma

Professor Emeritus


In Memoriam


A glimpse of his remarkable life in the obituary prepared by Chin Bannerjee
- Stacy Pigg

Hari's contributions to First Nations in the BC Interior
- Ron and Marianne Ignace

Photo Collection by Hari Sharma (used by permission)

Dr. Hari Sharma received his Ph.D. from Cornell. He taught at the University of Delhi and the University of California at Los Angeles before coming to Simon Fraser University in 1968. His areas of research interests included sociological theory, Marxism, social change, peasantry, revolutionary movements in the Third World (with special emphasis on South Asia), the labour process in the marginal sectors of the economy, social change in post-revolutionary societies (China, the USSR, eastern Europe, etc), nation-building among Canadian aboriginal peoples, and South Asia.