Sarah Vanderveer joins the Sociology Masters program in the Fall of 2016.  She completed a BA in Philosophy (major), English (extended minor) and Sociology (minor) at SFU in 2015.  
Her interests include theoretical and applied ethics, the reflexive relations of, and restrictions on, the individual and the state, anti-colonialism, de-colonization, anti-racism, anti-sexism and non-binary gender identity.  

Sarah is also interested in how power and empowerment are conceptualized, including the power of narrative in the facilitation and amplification of voice, as well as how the facilitation of access to information and education can effect agency, decrease disenfranchisement and mitigate domestic violence.

Sarah’s MA research will focus on the development of education programs for women and children in impoverished regions, contrasting the grass-roots development of community supported programs, with internationally created frameworks. 
Senior Supervisor: Ann Travers; Committee Member: Parin Dossa.