Graduate Studies Guide

The SA Graduate Studies Guide outlines the program requirements, policies, procedures, practices, and forms that are specific to the Sociology & Anthropology Department.

This guide is not a substitute for the ‘Graduate General Regulations’ but is intended to supplement the description of the university program with a description of the departmental program and the degree requirements and expectations within the Sociology and Anthropology Department.

 As these regulations are subject to change at any time, the department strongly recommends that students refer to the web version regularly. This document provides comprehensive information about Graduate Studies at Simon Fraser University -- in terms of general structure, degree requirements and regulations, guidelines for supervisor-graduate student relations, procedures and requirements for going on leave and funding available to graduate students.

All students and faculty should read the ‘Graduate General Regulations’ produced by the office of the Dean of Graduate Studies (DGS). This is available at:  

 SFU International Services for Students (ISS)

  • The International Services for Students (ISS) website provides a lot of information for incoming international students. Including permit and documentation information, housing and employment information, and additional resources.

Recent Changes in the SFU Graduate General Regulations

1.12 Time Limit for Program Completion- Please review the G.G.R's as well as the SA Departmental Procedures.

Archival SA Graduate Studies Guides.