Arlene Tigar McLaren Retires as of December 31, 2007

December 31, 2007

Arlene Tigar McLaren, Professor of Sociology, joined the S&A Department in 1977, specializing in gender and society, and the sociology of the family with particular interest in women and education. Since then, her research has expanded to embrace a number of diverse areas, including elderly women, immigrant families, restructuring and community health, farmworkers and traffic safety and its social implications, often with a sorely needed Canadian focus. Far and beyond her pioneering research and always inspiring teaching, Arlene has been a steady anchor in our department. Her warmth and gentle humour have encouraged colleagues and students alike to share ideas and insights. Her graduate students have been blessed with her complete concern for their expeditious progress through their programs and many remain lifelong friends. Most of all, her wise insights and quiet, calming presence have steadied us through times of turmoil. And there have been many committee meetings in which Arleneā€™s very presence has compelled sometimes cantankerous and opinionated faculty to act more like adults and less like spoiled children. We know that Arlene is looking forward to moving on, with her husband and fellow-academic Angus, to the next phase of their lives, but, selfishly, we are already feeling the hole in our hearts and minds occasioned by this passage. She will be sorely missed, perhaps much more than she knows.

Marilyn Gates,
Associate Professor and Acting Chair (May - Dec 2007)