Anthropology Extended Minor

Note: the Anthropology Extended Minor requirements have changed as of Fall 2016. If you declared your extended minor prior to Sept. 1, 2016, you will complete your program based on our previous requirements, which can be viewed here. If you have not yet declared your major, you will need to complete the requirements as listed below.

In order to declare the Anthropology extended minor, you must have completed or be enrolled in the last of the lower division requirements, and your SA GPA must be 2.0 or above.

The lower division requirements (22 units*) are:

SA 101-4 Introduction to Anthropology
SA 150-4 Introduction to Sociology
SA 201W-4 Anthropology and Contemporary Life
SA 255-4 Introduction to Social Research Methods (Q)
SA 257-4 Understanding Quantitative Research in Sociology and Anthropology (Q)**
A 200 level SA elective (4 units)

* Because most transferred courses are 3 units, and all SFU SA courses are 4 units, you may have completed the lower division required courses but be short of 22 units. If you are 1 or 2 units short, you will be able to declare. If you are 3 or more units short, you will need to take another lower division SA course in order to declare.

Once you are declared in an SA program, you will have priority enrollment access to upper division courses.

The upper division requirements (15 units*) are:

SA 301-4 Contemporary Ethnography
SA 356W-4 Ethnography & Qualitative Methods

Two upper division SA electives, which must be A-designated. You can see the SA courses listed by designation here.

*If you are short 3 or more units, you will need to take an additional upper division SA course.


No more than two upper division transferred courses can be used towards this program.

No more than 4 units in Directed Readings may be used towards completion of this program.

Your SA GPA and UD GPA must be 2.0 or higher for admission to and completion of this program.