Sociology Minor (Effective Fall 2019)

In order to declare the Sociology minor, you must have completed or be enrolled in the last of the lower division requirements, and your SA GPA must be 2.0 or above.

The lower division requirements (12 units) are:

Lower Division Requirements

Students complete 3 lower division SA courses. These must include

SA 150 - Introduction to Sociology (S) (4)

and one of
SA 250 - Introduction to Sociological Theory (S) (4)
SA 255 - Introduction to Social Research (SA) (4)

The third course may be designated (S), (A), or (SA).

You can see the SA courses listed by designation here.

Once you are declared in an SA program, you will have priority enrollment access to upper division SA courses.

The upper division requirements (min. 15 units) are:

Students complete a minimum of 4 upper division SA courses, with a minimum of 15 units, of which 2 courses must be designated sociology (S), and the remainder can be designated (S), (A), or (SA).


No more than two upper division transferred courses can be used towards this program.

No more than 4 units in Directed Readings may be used towards completion of this program.

Your SA GPA and UD GPA must be 2.0 or higher for admission to and completion of this program.