Historical Faculty Lectures
School of Communication, SFU

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Dallas Smythe: CMNS 130 Lectures, 1979
Dallas Smythe: CMNS 130 Lectures, 1980

Communication Colloquium, 1976-77

(Bill Melody, Bill Leiss, Dallas Smythe, Jon Wheatley, Tom Carney, Peter Wollheim, Basil McDermott, Tom Wickenden, Paul Heyer)

CMNS 100, 1967, Centre for Communication and the Arts
(R. Murray Schafer, Tom Mallinson, C. Nelson, Jack Shadbolt, Klaus Rieckhoff, Fred Brown, Fred Candelaria)

Convocation Address by Marshall McLuhan, May 20, 1967 (mp3)

Barry Truax, Lecture 1977; CMNS 258 Radio Lectures 1980

Miscellaneous Lectures, 1977-78
(Robert Harper, Fred Brown, Bill Melody)

Radio Programs
(Rowly Lorimer, Marshall McLuhan)

Faculty Lectures, 1980s (Alison Beale, Rick Gruneau, Bob Hackett, Martin Laba, Dallas Smythe)

Excerpts of Faculty Lectures

R. Murray Schafer, March 12, 2008, introduced by Dave Murphy, part 1 (mp3), part 2 (mp3)

Data Compiled by Diana Leung and Barry Truax (enquiries at: truax@sfu.ca)