Slaughtering a pig, Bissingen

WSP Team in Bissingen (Peter Huse, Jean Reed. R.Murray Schafer, Howard Broomfield)

Salzburg Cathedral from Hohensalzburg Castle

Washing clothes, Cembra

Snow-covered streets, Cembra

The mountainside above Cembra

Small shelter (on the Cembra soundwalk)

Volunteer fire brigade, Cembra (with Peter Huse)
No honk zone, Cembra

Side street, Lesconil

Recording at the harbour, Lesconil

Building a wooden boat, Lesconil

Quay, Lesconil

A cyclist in Lesconil

Lesconil harbour
Lesconil harbour
Lesconil harbour (note the footwear)

Women wearing a traditional Breton coiffe, Lesconil

Auctioning fish and shrimp, Lesconil

Wooden clogs, Lesconil

Lacemaker, Lesconil (with Jean Reed)

Abandoned windmill, enroute to Holland

Lighthouse, Point d'Eckmuhl (outside Lesconil)
Windmill, enroute to Holland

Grindstone, enroute to Holland

Bruce, Murray & local residents, Dollar

Dollar Burn, Scotland

Dollar churchyard

WSP Team, Dollar churchyard

Raindale mill interior

Raindale mill

Cattle auction, Stirling market

Cargrave Locks, Leeds & Liverpool Canal

Bruce on Hadrianís Wall

Bruce blowing his horn on Hadrianís Wall

Howard, Bruce & Peter, Hadrian's Wall

WSP Team, Dollar churchyard