ALLIANCE, ALBERTA Sept. 21, 1973



[ID 17 41:55]

1. ANOTHER GOONEYBIRD (see also Reel 1, takes 12-16) 2'06"

        Photo 104

[false take, 20"]

[ID 18 44:43]

2. ATLANTIC RICHFIELD GASPLANT, burnoff flame 2'00"

Photo 106, Photo 107, Photo 108, Photo 109, Photo 110

        [ID 19 47:04]

3. CAMERON FARM, milking 7'07"

[ID 20 54:26]

4. CAMERON FARM, cowbarn ambience 3'20"

[ID 21 57:54]

5. CAMERON FARM, cowbarn ambience 6'37"


[ID 22 1:04:45]

6. CAMERON FARM, milking by hand 9'55"

[ID 23 1:14:55]

7. CAMERON FARM, milk separator 5'25"

[ID 24 1:20:26]

8. CAMERON FARM, milk separator 6'00"



1. Yet another gooneybird, sounding totally different than all others on Reel 1. Resembles, strangely enough, the rhythms and sounds of a spinning wheel.

2. Note heavy low frequency content, and a fairly narrow band of higher frequencies.

3. About a dozen cows are being milked, 2 at a time. Cows moo while accompanied by the sounds of the milking machines. The two machines are in constant counterpoint to each other: sometimes the beats fall together, sometimes not. Result is interesting rhythmical changes. Underlying throughout is the motor rumble from the machine. Towards end one machine operates alone. Then it is removed and milk poured into bucket. The cows keep mooing.

4. Some conversation, calf mooing throughout, motor rumble in entire take. Walking away, talking about what to record next.

5. Calf gets fresh milk, drinks it with delight and "schlubber", moos, more milk more "schlubber" and delight, moos, then (3'30") about two minutes of ambience. Cat meows, cow chews, sighs, snorts and burps close to microphone.

6. Ever changing rhythms, with frequent pauses ("First time I milked a cow in 7 years", guy is exhausted! It's a disappearing sound!). Cow pissing (2'40") in background. Sound of milk into bucket changes as bucket fills up. Cows say very little. Good take.

7. At beginning puppies playing in bales of hay. Then (1'00") milk separator starting up, keeping a steady state hum. Interesting spectrum, a bit hard to take because of its peculiar frequency range.

8. Milk separator slowing down and eventually shutting off. Slow process takes about 5 minutes. Stops, finally, with a "clonk".