REEL 14 [DAT 7]

Bissingen, Germany March 1/75

A [ID 16 42:42]

1. AMBIENCE ON HILL, overlooking Bissingen

mark * distant church bell chiming the hour, while jet passes far overhead. [46:03]


2a. (false start)

[ID 17 51:30]

2. SINGING IN GASTHAUS, with accordion and percussion

March 2/75

[ID 18 55:02]

3. WEDDING PARTY in Gasthaus Adler, band playing, people singing.

[ID 19 1:05:22]

4. WEDDING PARTY, recorded from bedroom window, boisterous singing and pounding on table.

C [ID 20 1:09:11]

5. NIGHT AMBIENCE, on hill west of village

mark * beginning of bells [1:13:25]

mark * jet passes overhead. [1:15:54]


Photo 115

[ID 21 1:20:13]

6. CHURCH BELLS, beginning of service announced by bells.

mark * bells begin ringing [1:21:08]

[ID 22 1:26:40]

7. CHURCH BELLS, end of ring, and ambience in front of church.



1. Very quiet ambience. Distant jet takes long time to pass; very long, extended envelope.

2. Walking into the Gasthaus. Entertainment, singing. Announcer is arranging formation of a dance, which demands comical, absurd postures. People responding with laughing and shouting. Recordist back outside.

3. Amplified bass guitar and organ playing popular German folk songs, people singing around. Ambience change while walking into next room (dining room) people talking in Swabian dialect. Peter trying to explain Soundscape activities in German.

4. At first singing unaccompanied, then band joins in.

5. Very clear beautiful birdcalls, distant high pitched whistle (near beginning) source unidentified. Distant background traffic. Car moves into extreme foreground just as bells chime the hour. Jet (mark #2) passes overhead and masks almost completely the bells. Bells stop just as jet is loudest. Another jet follows right after. As it fades away, more distant bells can be heard. Good sequence.

7. End of ring, listen to last bell reverberating for a long time. Ambience in front of church: people talking, traffic, etc....