REEL 16 [DAT 8]

Bissingen, Germany March 2/75

A [ID 13 44:29]

1. CHOIR PRACTICE, in church (D. Buxtehude "Erhalt uns, Herr, bei Deinem Wort")

mark * walking outside [52:50]


Photo 211

[ID 14 54:07]

2. SLAUGHTERING PIGS, out behind butcher's shop

mark * pig's scream (and then blood flowing ?) [1:00:31]

mark * butcher joking to recordist after slaughter, pretty macabre! [1:00:48]

[ID 15 1:06:28]

3. SLAUGHTERING PIGS, pig in machine, another slaughter

[ID 16 1:14:56]

4. " " mark * sharpening of knives and cutting. [1:17:30]

C [ID 17 1:26:20]

5. SHEEP IN YARD, Untere Strasse



1. Strings and harpsichord accompaniment (mic noise at beginning and end). Pretty funny, out of tune rehearsal.

2. Take begins with church bells ringing time. Going inside pig stable, people talking,preparing for slaughter.Process of slaughter: electric shock, then slitting the throat. Scream of pig (mark #1 ) very dramatic, seems to be difficult to kill. Mark #2 - sarcastic remark in German after slaughter, "Can't hear much now".

3. Dead pigs in machine. Machine has a constant high pitch and lots of metal clatter. Then another pig slaughtered, obviously done better, pig didn't scream half as much. Clattering chains and the sound of machine from other room.

4. Another one shocked and slaughtered (quietly). Long stretch of quiet ambience in cutting room, while pigs are being cut up. Note cutting sounds and sometimes hand sharpening of knives -see mark *.

5. Young sheep bleat mainly, some cars passing.